Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peyote Dreams

Peyote Dreams
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The new sculpture. I'm too close to it yet to be objective, but I think I really like it. The process was dreamlike and intense though unflavored with any actual hallucinogens.

In other news, 2 of my pieces have been juried into a show at a Vancouver, WA gallery. The show runs through the end of January, and I'll post more information as soon as I can. I've been unable to actually deliver the pieces since we've been completely snowed in. In Gresham, OR- which is just weird. We don't get snow as a rule.

I hope to have some new lampwork bead photos soon, too.

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Pat said...

Hey there! Just leaving you a little comment....I can't imagine you all snowed in any more than I can imagine that we are due severe thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight...unusual for December here....who knew? Thanks for your visit today and, as always, your comments...always makes my day!
And, I love the phrase..."the days are long, the years are short." (So true!) I'll remember that. Take care. Pat