Friday, December 12, 2008

Computer Woes and New Beads

Yesterday I fired up the torch around 2:30 pm. I worked steadily for what I thought was a few hours. Dan came in to fetch me and I asked if dinner was ready. He grinned and told me it was nearly 9, and that dinner was hours ago. I had no idea that much time had passed. There are a lot of mandrels sticking out of the kiln door this morning. I can't look yet as they are not quite cool, but I'm very excited to see the results of that intense and timeless stretch of time.

My computer is in the shop for a few days. It needs a new drive, which I guess is what happens when one listens to library audio CDs all day. It's odd not having my own machine, but probably not bad to be forced away from the keyboard for a bit. In addition to the flamework, I also got a couple inches into a new beadwoven geometric patterned bracelet.

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