Monday, December 10, 2012

Weddings and Weak Excuses

Here's my latest finished work- custom garters for a bride (one to wear & keep, one to toss). The fun part of this is that the customer is the sister of one of my very first boyfriends, someone I hadn't heard from in more than 30 years. For all that Facebook is annoying, it also has the power to connect people in odd and interesting ways.

Aside from the wedding gear, I've had an extended fallow period. I've been caught up in other jobs, other economic demands and it seems the longer I am away from the work, the harder it is to resume. I have a million ideas, maybe 20 of them fleshed out enough in my head that I could sit down and begin to translate them into being. But I haven't.

I did organize and tidy my working space, looking forward to the rainy nights of winter in Oregon where one must perforce do something with one's hands.

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