Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Vagaries of Freeform

After the dog crashed into my beading tray, causing carefully arranged piles of beads to go cascading up in the air and eventually all swept up into a common dustpan, it occurred to me that I've not done any freeform peyote in a long time. As much as I like to sort beads into lovely little piles of like colors & shapes, it's also a delight to let the needle choose as it goes, building something truly unique and magical. I think what I've begun here will be a bracelet when it's finished, but it might just decide to be a necklace. Either way, I'm enjoying this happenstance journey caused by the dog.


Carol Dean said...

So will the pup get collaborative credit? :)

Melody Marie Murray said...

I expect I'm going to have to call it "Duny's Delight" or somesuch!