Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm eyeball deep in my Etsy Beadweaver challenge piece for April. I have everything all laid out on my lap-board, including all the beads I need to finish the part I'm currently weaving.

We had a bunch of folks over for St. Patrick's day dinner, and I was cleaning fast and not carefully. I put the lap-board on the coffee table downstairs, kind of out of the way but it was a dumb place to put it. The dog and the kid were playing know how this ends, don't you? Not only did they knock over the board & send the beads forty ways to Sunday, when the lad picked up such beads as he could locate, he tossed them in my huge 'bead soup' bowl where they sank without a trace.

I have hope that picking out all new beads will in fact improve the piece. Otherwise I'd be giving up.

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